Van Dyke brown process

A video portrait of me and the process, made by my good colleague Ole Mortensen.
My speak in the video is danish, however, I hope you’ll enjoy it after all.



The process in short:

A subject is captured by my eye and my camera

A negative of the image is printed on transparent film of the same size, as I want the finished image to be.

With a Japanese hake brush a mixture of photosensitive chemicals is applied to the desired paper, handmade japan paper, for instance.

The negative is laid on top of the dried paper and illuminated by UV rays, either outside by the sun’s rays or indoors under a box of UV fluorescent lamps.

The paper is passed through water baths, toner, and fixer and is finally rinsed and dried.

My sincere thanks for the generous inspiration from sites by Pete Calouri (, Sandy King ( and Wynn White ( in particular.